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More and more we learn that people who enjoy their work are more successful! Well heyho! Here is your opportunity to share with me the things that make work valuable for you and the things that don't! If you were to step outside your organisation and take a birds eye view of the things that happen on a daily/weekly/monthly basis what would it look like?

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Last night I went to the cinema.  Having bought our tickets we had 10 minutes to wait before we could enter the studio so I took up my usual activity of people watching.  I watched a young lady probably around 18-22 years of age walk across the reception area with a large plate of nachos.  Having devoured these she returned to the counter to purchase an over-sized box of pop corn and proceeded to munch her way through them.  Needless to say this young lady was carrying a good deal more than her fair share of weight on her body.  I looked around to see others eating similar amounts of chocolate, nachos, popcorn, ice cream and burgers made with cheap white baps, swilling it all down with an array of sugary soft drinks.  

My eyes strayed to the food being offered for sale - not a healthy morsel in sight. My first thought was to muse over the reasoning of cinema owners who believe that all cinema goers want to eat such unhealthy, empty calorie food. Then I thought about the time and effort, most of which has gone unnoticed, that the European Parliament has gone to to ban certain herbal remedies - natural healing remedies which have been used for thousands of years.  Whether you believe in such remedies or not, evidence of them doing harm is spasmodic and largely unproven or contaminated and yet the European Parliament has decreed that many of them ‘shalt not be used’.

Going back to my cinema experience - its more than likely that the unhealthy diets of these people will lead to serious ill health in later life placing a huge burden on the national health and therefore the tax payer.   They will be developing type 2 diabetes, and many other weight related diseases, and demanding gastric bands as a matter of human rights, protecting their right to choice and diversity in what they eat.  But what about the herbal remedy consumers - don’t they have a right to choose as well?  

Healthy bodies create healthy happy minds.  Eat well!

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